​​Collierstown Presbyterian Church

​​Kevin Chanell, Pastor

NOTES ON THE ANNUAL DINNER:On the "Morning After", Kevin referenced a blog post . . . and it so aptly describes what happens at our church the first Saturday, every November.  The entire post can be read here (click the blue button).  An excerpt below sums up so many feelings both about the dinner and suggests entering a much needed season of "gratitude and reflection". 

"We are not members of this church, but it doesn’t matter. As the church bulletin states, “Hospitality is a Biblical command whose purpose is to minister to those around us–both believers and unbelievers.” This attitude of service clearly shows in all the members of the Collierstown Presbyterian Church, and this dinner always marks, for me and my husband, the beginning of the season of gratitude and reflection. It is a stance that would benefit all of us."

They made a joyful noise . . . Kevin, Raynelle, Roger and Kelly!!!

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