Annual Dinner

2019 Dinner

Saturday, November 2, 2019

11 AM to 7 PM

Former Interim Pastor, Steve Willis,  had the following thoughts after the 2017 Dinner... and he and his wife, Amy, visited us for the 2018 dinner . . . Skip Hastings also came to the dinner . . . two former pastors and our new pastor, Kevin Channel all under our roof for the dinner:  Steve's comments:
From Pastor Steve:
"Here is my observation about your Annual Dinner as someone who has come in as your Interim Pastor and had the opportunity to experience two of them with you.  I think that this event sets an important tone for your congregation that spills over into other times of the year as well.  It gives you such a visible illustration of the Christian life lived together as the body of Christ.  It helps you to work together and give everybody of every age a place to contribute to the whole.  It keeps your faith reaching out beyond yourselves to your neighbors and contributing to your community.  And a meal, a wonderful meal shared with others, reminds us all of the simplicity of our faith that Jesus taught us by asking us to remember him simply through bread broken and cup poured out.
            My prayer for you, among many others, is that God will continue to bless this dinner for another 75 years for you and for your neighbors.    I close with this prayer from Reinhold Niebuhr:

"O Lord, who has taught us that to gain the whole world and to lose our souls is great folly, grant us grace so to lose ourselves that we may truly find ourselves anew in the life of grace, and so to forget ourselves that we may be remembered in your kingdom."


After the 2018 dinner, a guest wrote these words in her blog post.  Click on the button to view the contents of the post.

​​Collierstown Presbyterian Church

​​Kevin Chanell, Pastor