• 9:30:  Sunday School
  • 11:00 AM:  Worship
  • Wednesdays, 6:30:  Choir Practice

You are warmly invited to join our

Community of Faith.  

Collierstown Presbyterian Church

is where the Written Word of God,

the Bible, and the Living Word of God,

his Son, Jesus Christ intersects with the gathered community to nurture and strengthen our

relationship with God and with each other.

2016 Annual Dinner

 November 5, 2016

Spotlight on Hayden

Hayden Fontenot, a student at Randolph-Macon University and a star on their women's softball team . . . softball season is underway and Hayden is representing her team and her church family well!!  And News Flash:  Hayden scored her first ever HOME RUN last month in a game against Rutgers-Camden, a game RM won 2-1.

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